The most popular Territory Days poster artist.

Territory Days is a 3 day street festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado with an average attendance of 150,000 in these 3 short days. The Territory Days festival began in 1975 as the “Rampart Range Sertoma Territory Days Parade and Buffalo Barbecue.” In 1976, the name was changed to Territory Days to coincide with America’s Bicentennial celebration, and to commemorate Historic Old Colorado City as the first, but short lived, territorial capital of Colorado back in 1861.

As Territory Days grew in popularity and attendance, an annual poster was introduced in 1992 created by local artist Tom Dooley. It portrayed the artist’s conception of Colorado Avenue 100 years prior, in 1892. After the popularity of the first Territory Days poster, in 1993 the second poster was created by Tom’s wife Jenny Smith Dooley, depicting a stage coach rumbling down Colorado Avenue in 1893.

In 1994, Territory Days visitors were introduced to another local artist by Pine Creek Art Gallery that would prove to be the most popular creator of Territory Days posters in the history of the festival. Kirby Sattler’s incredibly detailed portrait of a Plains Indian entitled “Ha-Nis-Krah” or (Sees through Fog), began the tradition of using Sattler’s Native American portraiture almost exclusively for the next 18 years.

Chuck Mardosz, a local artist, provided the image for 1995, with his rendition of a Mountain Man entitled “Buckskins and Furs.” 1996’s Territory Days poster once again featured a Kirby Sattler highly detailed Native American portrait with his image of a Plains Indian warrior, “Bird of Prey.” For those collectors seeking a western theme, Connie Johnson provided the image for the Territory Days poster in 1997 with a cowboy image entitled “Spring Calving.” “Two Stars” by Kirby Sattler was chosen as the image for Territory days in 1998. 1999’s Territory Days poster was another incredibly detailed close up portrait by Kirby Sattler of a Native American wearing a striking coyote headdress entitled “Medicine Dog.”

2000 brought Connie Johnson’s artwork back to the poster with another cowboy inspired image entitled “Sharing the News.” Kirby Sattler’s “Blue Fire” was chosen for 2001’s Territory Days Poster, a striking close up look into the eyes of a Native American. 2002 introduced a new artist to the Territory Days poster with Paul Verburg’s rodeo inspired cowboy painting “Thoughts of Home.” “Distant Storm,” Native American portrait artist Kirby Sattler’s image was chosen for 2003’s Territory Days poster image.

Due to the overwhelming demand from Territory Days poster collectors a different Native American portrait of Kirby Sattler’s was chosen each year for the next 7 years. “Owns The Eagle” was featured on the 2004 Territory Days poster. 2005’s Territory Days poster image was titled “Strikes His Horses.” In 2006, a truly unique image emerged from the palette of Native American portrait artist Kirby Sattler, “Natane“ (Daughter of the Ghost Dance) Sattler’s first female Native American portrait offered to the public, and one of his most popular with the visitors of Territory Days in Historic Old Colorado City.


IAmCrowPOSTER corFeaturing the highly revered spirit image of the crow, in 2007, Native American portrait artist Kirby Sattler created his most popular image to date entitled “I Am Crow,” a Plains Indian wrapped in buffalo hide captured on canvas just as the spirit bird flies over his head. 2008 brought another detailed portrait to the Territory Days poster that year with Kirby Sattler’s “Red Path.” Sattler’s “Silent Sky” was chosen to grace the poster for Territory days in 2009. 2010 would be Native American portrait artist Kirby Sattler’s final year to offer his highly detailed Plains Indian renderings for the Territory Days poster image with “Voice of Half Moon.”


All of the Territory Days posters, as well as other images are available here on the Pine Creek Art Gallery website, including Kirby Sattler’s images as canvas and paper giclee’s, Lithographs, mini prints, and note cards. All of Kirby Sattler’s images are just a click away!


Ha-Nis-Krah  Bird of Prey  Two Stars Medicine Dog  Blue Fire  Distant Storm  Owns the Eagle  Strikes His Horses Natane  I Am Crow  Red Path  Silent Sky  Voice of Half Moon Shadow On The Sun  The Prophet  Iron Shell  Walking Storm  Ghost Heart  Winters Trail   Coyote Rock  The Messenger Circle of Power   Iron Shell  Hawk Bells  Listens To Thunder  Night Whispers  Return of Red Earth   Sees Behind   Spotted Owl Standing I Fly  Stone Calf  Ceremony


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